New Music Account

2016-01-07 03:33:35 by dbj758

Sup dudes!
Just for a bit of background on me, I've been a long-time browser of Newgrounds (I wanna say since I was maybe 10 or 11, now I'm 21) and I'm stoked to finally post some of my own artistic material (that I hope isn't complete crap). I've never really been good at drawing/animating/flash games and whatnot. I didn't discover the full potential of my musical side until I started playing guitar in high school, it just sort of took off from there. Soon enough I was playing bass, drums, percussion, and more recently piano and synthesizers. Post-high school I started experimenting with recording my own music because my bands wanted recording options that weren't hella expensive. My interest in recording arts just grew and grew so much that I decided to go to college and get my AA in Commercial Music. I currently play bass for a band called Generally Speaking and if you wanna check that out you can do so here. Our album The Lines We Draw Ourselves is free, so download that ish and blast your car stereo out! If you'd like to hear some of my past production work, I produced (and recorded some guitar, bass, and vocals for) the Men Amongst Wolves EP by my old band This Is A War. I think this channel will serve as my side-project channel of little things I do either by myself or with friends just for kicks. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to download my stuff (ain't like I'm selling it)!